Tell Governor Stitt to Sign Vaccination Rules

The Oklahoma State Medical Association has joined with nearly 30 health, education, tribal and business organizations in support of new vaccination rules submitted by the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) and are now on the Governor’s desk. PLEASE CALL THE GOVERNOR’S OFFICE NOW @ 405.521.2342 AND REQUEST HE APPROVE THE OKLAHOMA STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH RULES CONCERNING VACCINATIONS!  These rules maintain the religious and personal exemptions for child immunizations but include a procedure by which those exemptions are to be processed. Under the proposed process, parents or guardians seeking personal or religious exemptions would need to appropriately do so through their local or Department of Health or the OSDH. These departments will provide educational material assuring the parent or guardian can make an informed decision by understanding the positive and potential negative implications surrounding receiving or not receiving immunizations.